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Solutions and services that embody objective insight, repeatable forecasting and successful delivery of business value while reducing risk.

What does NtrinsIQ do ?
We provide solutions and services that support the delivery of our clients strategic and operational initiatives through insight into these objectives , the ability to forecast effort cost and duration and resourcing requirements and provide mechanisms to manage, track and improve delivery success.

Our expertise includes:

  • Project & Management Consulting
  • Application Portfolio Analysis and Cloud Readiness Assessments
  • Project Software and IT Effort Estimation
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our Services

Project Management Consulting

Project leadership, Project Delivery, Facilitation, Scoping, Analysis, Risk Management, Stake Holder Management, Change Management, Schedule and budget control, Resource Management    Learn More...

Application Portfolio Analysis & Cloud Readiness Assessment

APA Consulting, Cast Highlight provisioning and setup and configuration, Cloud Readiness Assessment, Cloud strategy and road-map production and monitoring, Application Portfolio Benchmarking    Learn More...

Project Effort Estimation Consulting

Parametric modelling using SEER for Software and SEER for I.T by Galorath, Total Cost of Ownership estimation, Maintenance Estimation, Defect prediction, Resource capacity prediction, Estimation schedule creation    Learn More...

Management Consulting

Product and service Innovation, thought leadership, Agile and DevOps, Cast Highlight and SEER training    Learn More...

NtrinsIQ Solutions
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