Value Proposition

What does NtrinsIQ do?
We provide solutions and services that support the delivery of our clients strategic and operational initiatives through insight into these objectives , the ability to forecast effort cost and duration and resourcing requirements and provide mechanisms to manage, track and improve delivery success.

Who is our target audience?
Our target audience is anyone that delivers projects or products in the:

  • Software
  • I.T
  • Manufacturing or
  • Hardware & Electronics sectors
That need assistance with or aspire to transforming their:
  • project effort and cost estimation
  • resource skill, job profiling and workforce planning
  • application portfolio analysis
  • cloud migration strategies
  • Digital transformation road mapping
  • project monitoring, delivery and reporting.

How our product or services remedy our clients Challenges?
Our experienced consultants and complimentary and industry leading solutions and services provide:
  • 17 Years of experience in the Management, I.T consulting and Project delivery sectors.
  • Insight into application and project portfolios from which to make quick , proactive decisions.
  • Mechanisms to forecast effort, cost , duration and delivery risk early in planning processes
  • Technical solutions that embrace Software as a service technologies that are quick to deploy and offer low barriers to entry
  • Solutions to track software health and cloud readiness at the application portfolio level, complexity and cost of your software portfolio using predictive pattern analysis
  • Solutions based on sound science and applicable projects histories that provide you with a most likely estimate of project cost , effort and duration for your I.T, Development, Manufacturing process , Hardware and electronic systems.