Its Your Skills

Why Its Your Skills ?

  • IYS brings common Taxonomy to skills, common Structure to skills profiles and common Measure to proficiencies in skills
  • It seeks to be a shared resource that can be used by all in the talent landscape
  • IYS has created and continues to keep updating one of the most comprehensive resources on skills - the IYS Skills Ontology.
  • IYS Profiling Framework of a Job or a Person covers different facets of skill including knowledge, tools and technologies, domain, role and activities, and behavioral skills.
  • A Skills Profiler user interface simplifies the complex task of mapping the skills of jobs and people
  • IYS Skills Profile presents skills clearly, simply in a universal manner for skills required for a particular job or the skills a particular person possesses.

What Its Your Skills Does

  • Skills Ontology - An organized comprehensive and in-depth resource on skills across functions and industries with classifications, relationships and properties
  • Skills Profiler - A simple yet powerful desktop / mobile interface for the mapping of skills (of jobs and people alike) in a comprehensive and precise manner
  • Skills Profile - A structured representation of skills in a universally common manner for jobs and people across industries and levels
  • Skills Profiler – Sills mapping of jobs and applicants, skills gap analysis, Skills analytics, skills resource utilisation, career planning, strategic talent planning, predictive analysis