About Us

The 4th industrial revolution is upon us and along with it the workplace is changing, becoming increasingly intertwined and immersed in a fusion of technology both physical and digital. Conventional ways of working , process and systems are evolving and now, more than ever the need to keep abreast with the frenetic pace at which this change is being introduced is key to an organisation maintaining its competitive edge and relevance to the customer .

Business are challenged with the need to digitally transform both how they operate , evolve the utilisation of their workforce,  explore Cloud technologies, rationalise their application portfolio’s,  deliver using “Agile” mindsets and associated methodologies and still be able to predict the impact of not only all this change and its inherent risk,  but also plan and allocate budget to strategic and operational imperatives all the while doing so earlier in the delivery lifecycle.

By partnering with leading industry specialists in Code analysis, application Cloud Migration, Parametric estimation,  Skills ontology and job profiling sectors NtrinsIQ was established to provide practical solutions to these challenges.  With over 17 years of management consulting and IT project delivery experience  we offer a complimentary value chain of tooling , expertise and services for  Strategic and Operational business objective delivery.

Our vision is to continually synthesize common sense, experience and technology so we can offer   solutions and services to our clients that embody objective insight, repeatable forecasting and informed delivery.

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